Pioneers of Islamic Finance

Series Background

Islamic finance has a long history, and is gathering momentum as a new generation embrace the power of digital technology. UKIFC has uniquely curated a Pioneers of Islamic Finance series with two key objectives:

  1. Use the wisdom and learning of the pioneers inform the next generation of business models, entrepeneurs and leaders in Islamic finance
  2. Preserve and document the journey of the pioneers and celebrate their contribution to the field

This fascinating series exlores the personal highs and lows and the professional successes and struggles they experienced. We ask what they would have done differently if they could turn back time and what advice they have for the next generation.

The series of interviews is ongoing, contact us at if you would like to suggest a Pioneer whose story should be told. We are launching the series on International Women’s Day 2021 with a conversation with Stella Cox of DDCAP Group.

Stella Cox, Managing Director, DDCAP Group

Stella sits down with Omar Shaikh of the UKIFC to discuss her experiences as one of the UK’s pioneers in Islamic finance. Stella speaks about her early days at Kleinwort Benson, her friendship with Shariah scholars, her journey founding DDCAP, one of the leading intermediaries in Islamic finance, and what the future holds for Islamic finance in the UK and beyond. Watch now.

Sultan Choudhury

What lessons can we learn from the UK’s first Shariah-only retail bank? We sat down with Sultan Choudhury, former CEO of Al-Rayan Bank in the UK, to discuss his experiences at the helm of one of the UK’s pioneering Islamic finance institutions, and the lessons he draws from this for the future of Islamic finance in the UK and beyond.

Forthcoming Interviews

Amjid Ali

M. Iqbal Asaria

Shabbir Randeree